Professional Internship Abroad

Some of your most valuable knowledge may come from engaging with industry professionals in the workplace. 

A Professional Internship gives you the opportunity to gain real-world experiences in the field of your study.


1. Confidence

You are going to gain more self-confidence by living abroad in the almost totally different worlds. Self-confidence is growing through the period of internship there until you will come back and be confident even more.

2. Adaptability

Living abroad is challenging, but internship abroad is going to give you more than challenging. Apart from adaptability in terms of living, you are going to learn more about working as the intern and in order to do it well, you also need to adapt yourself into new environment, adaptability is the skills you are going to gain after internship abroad.

3. Cultural Awareness

Working as the intern in the international job market, you are going to gain world perspective with relating to other co-workers in the workplace and after the program, you are going to understand more about global awareness that strengthen your collaboration and communication.

4. Language Skills

Living and working in another country that speaks other languages is the perfect way to improve your language skills as you have to work as the intern by collaborating with other people there as well.

5. Working Experience

Internship abroad will help you gain professional skills and uplift your resume in the global scope with your different and unique profile from working as the intern to open opportunities for jobs that you are competing in the workforce.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Year-round internship (students can apply for the internship throughout the year.)
  • The minimum duration of an internship is two months.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above is required.
  • Program requires students to be at a certain level in the college education and to be in specific majors or courses that related to provided internship fields.
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, responsibilities, and good attitudes.
  • Those who eager to learn from the experience and have receptiveness in order to address own weakness are preferred.

Canada: Montreal

UK: London

UK: Manchester

France: Paris

Spain: Barcelona

Spain: Madrid

New Zealand: Wellington

New Zealand: Auckland

Australia: Melbourne

Australia: Sydney

China: Beijing

China: Shanghai

China: Guangzhou

China: Shenzhen

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh

Japan: Tokyo

Japan: Osaka

Korea: Seoul

Thailand: Bangkok

Thailand: Chiangmai

Thailand: Phuket

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